Our passion means is all about you

Paul and Jessica are a friendly, caring massage team located in the suburbs, 10 km north of the City of Perth, we practice a more relaxing and less painful method of massage than the regular deep tissue massage.  Paul can be contacted on 0439 035 660 or contact Jessica on 0408498556 or email us through our contact page to make your appointment.

We are a dynamic male, female team who believe our quality service should be all about you and begins with a good quality massage oil that leaves a beautiful sensual feel on your skin.  Our massage oil is carefully blended with essential oils to harness the inherent energies of plants that support your emotional and physical well being and creates a feeling of serenity, invigoration and balance of your body and mind.

Our goal is to provide a massage service that meets your needs, well it is your massage right, so why shouldn't you have it the way you want.  So visit us soon and be invigorated - stimulated - motivated and feel calm - composed and cared for by a male, female massage team who have a passion to provide our clients with what they want.